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Fanny Jackson Coppin Legacy Society

Created to honor our namesake, the Fanny Jackson Coppin Legacy Society is reserved for benefactors who have provided for Coppin's future through bequests, life income gifts and other estate and planned gifts. Members not only have the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped ensure the long-term success of the university, but they may also receive financial and tax advantages as a result. Gifts given by members of the Fanny Jackson Coppin Legacy Society keep giving for decades and are the ultimate expression of confidence in the mission of Coppin State University.

Fanny Jackson Coppin Legacy Society Members

Ms. Lashaviar' Burns '97
Ms. Barbara J. Clay '64
Ms. Deborah Cooper
Dr. Jean Creek '68
Ms. Ellen Tavares Dutton '65
Ms. Norma Faulkner '50
Ms. Elnora Fullwood '72
Ms. Lori Britton Hayman '88
Mr. Jeffory Jones '91
Dr. Pamela Love-Manning '95
Dr. Lonnie Mitchell
Ms. Joan Stevenson '54
Ms. Albert Watties-Daniels '80
Ms. Lillian Wiggins '53

Posthumous Members

Ms. Debbie Arleen Anderson
Mr. Rush L. Beaman '72
Mr. Malcolm Chamberlain
Mr. Raymond Haysbert
Dr. Delores Hunt '30
Dr. Joyce Ilean Jennings '70
Mr. J. Jacob & Mrs. Daisy H. Lee
Mr. James McDonald '37
Glen & Ethel Plunkett
Norman "The Pos" Posner
Ms. Alberta L. Seymour '30
Mr. Wellington D. Swindall
Ms. Betty Louise Warren